Life resembles movies: Major League finals

24.10.2016 10:05 Leonid_Poroshin

For someone, this year will bring the end to frustrations in this year's Major League Finals.

American League will be represented by the Cleveland Indians. The last time they won it all was in 1948, although they made it to five more finals since (unless one counts Major League movies, where the club was the hero).

This anti-record pales in comparison to that of the Chicago Cubs, winners of the National League pennant. Formed in a far-ago 1870, one of the oldest teams in sports last hoisted the trophy in 1908 (!) Even the movie Back to the Future II had a gag about the "cubbies" frustrations, though it predicted them winnning it all in 2015.

So, between two teams-176 years without title. Good luck.

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