MMA fans file petition against UFC to create featherweight division for Cris Cyborg

28.10.2016 12:35 Philipp_Oganov

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) does not have a women's featherweight division and has no immediate plans to create one. That means the world's baddest 145-pound female has two choices when it comes to competing inside the Octagon.

Drop to 140 pounds, or toil away in the ranks of Invicta FC until further notice.

Cristiane Justino has opted to do both, taking a pair of catchweight fights earlier this year. That said, not everyone in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community is prepared to just roll over and accept things at face value, and now a petition has been created to let those voices be heard.

"We, the many fans of MMA, calling on the UFC to open a Featherweight (145 pound) division for the women fighters. There is an audience for it and you have a world-class fighter in Cris Cyborg to be its inaugural champion."

The UFC created a women's bantamweight division to accommodate former featherweight and Olympic judoka Ronda Rousey, who held Strikefore gold prior to the promotion''s dissolution.

Signing this fighter might help the cause.

"They cannot lie, I'm still world champ," a defiant Justino wrote on Facebook. "They cannot change this. If they want to change this, put me against someone in my division and have them beat me. But, don't try and kill me because you control the media."

Some fighters want out, other fighters want in.

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