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Old Guard. Chapter VI.

02.11.2016 15:06 Philipp_Oganov

Our next guest is one of the most talented and gifted fighters in the world in the lightweight category - Karen Darabedyan.

Karen Darabedyan is the basis of HyeFighters. A fighter who was part of the Hayastan Academy from the very beginning, and remains there to this day. He is worthy of infinite respect and admiration for his endless dedication.

Karen Darabedyan (12-6) - a native of the Republic of Armenia, the fighter of the lightweight category, former top of WEC. Karen beat such fighters as Jared Papazian (UFC veteran), Saad Awad (Bellator's top fighter), Estevan Payan (UFC veteran), Rob Mccollough (former WEC champion), Tony Ferguson (top UFC fighter). In addition, he stepped into the octagon with such classy athletes as Daniel Strauss (the current champion of Bellator), Koji Oishi (champion of OneFC), Christos Giagos (former RFA champion and TPF champion) and Bart Palaszewski.

Karen is a black belt in Brazilian JIU-jitsu, black belt in judo, black belt in karate, black belt in Taekwondo, an amateur boxer with a record of 12-0.
The winner of Grapplers Quest West 5 in the lightweight category of No-GI, winner of World Grappling Games Best of West in light heavyweight, champion of the Kakuto 6 in the middleweight category, the champion of NAGA among black belts in 2015, a veteran of the EBI, champion of CXF in lightweight division, one of the former contenders for the title of  WEC in the lightweight division.

The talent of this man is boundless. Despite the excellent wrestling base, Karen prefers to fight in stand-up. Excellent, fast, and heavy hands and an uncompromising personality make him a great stiker. During a fighting career, Karen practiced in Hayastan Academy with Gokor and in the Main Event with Roma Kalantaryan. At the age of 18 he made his professional MMA debut and won by knockout. At about 22 he became a WEC fighter, in his debut he scored a victory over former champion Rob Mccollough. As paradoxical as it may sound, it was his grappling that was not adapted to MMA and sometimes failed young Darabedyan 6 years ago. Despite the lengthy downtime, he returned twice to the fights and done a kind of race for signing with the UFC.

He fought his last bout in the top American organization RFA, where unfortunately lost to the Christos Giagos. At the moment, he made another break, with his time of active training, training of young generation and seminars. However, he has no plans to stop. We hope that this truly talented Gladiator will get his Rudis.

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