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Old Guard. Chapter IV.

31.10.2016 17:10 Philipp_Oganov

Today the guest of our article will become the most underrated fighter of HyeFighters - Andranik Dermenjian.


Andranik – is a fighter of the Featherweight division with a record of 4-1. He was very aggressive fighter and high-level wrestler.


Andy (Andranik) Dermenjian was part of the HyeFighters under the guidance of Gokor Chivichyan. He was born in the family of the Armenian and Russian national Greco-Roman wrestling, the Olympic coach. Father of Andy has converted the garage into a little wrestling gym . Since childhood, he inspired his son that he belongs to the wrestling. Every morning when the boy woke up, the first thing he saw was the wrestling gym, because he slept there. His father said, that upon waking up Andy needs to breathe, drink a glass of water and think about the wrestling. That was a typical Dermenjian’s morning. As one would expect this sport absorbed Andy and he started winning one competition after the other. But in 20 years, Dermenjian received a serious knee injury, and unfortunately, we lost a very promising wrestler. Andy moved into MMA, and his father was not satisfied with the decision,  because this sport is completely swallowed up his son. Before every professional fight Andy's mother spent the whole day in Church.

Dermenjian debuted in January 2009 . For a year he had three fights and won every single battle via early stoppages (two subs and knockout) . In January 2010, he fought Mike Palo. All was well, but at one point Mike counterattacked Andy with a side punch to the jaw and sent Dermenjian on the floor, where made some brutal GnP on him, Herb Dean stopped the fight. It was the first and only defeat in the career of Andy, but it broke him mentally. The guy could not even look at his teammates and coaches, because he believed that he shamed them all. This defeat has put on fighter the strongest pressure, and for a few weeks, Andy simply refused to talk to anybody, even to his brothers on the team. His career stood under the question. But all his life this guy lived like a true Spartan, and no matter how heavy was the bitterness of defeat, he always found the strength inside him. Six months later, he stepped into the octagon again and made another early finish. But unfortunately, it was his last professional fight in the career. After that he went into coaching. He was a member of the Hayastan Academy, was a member of the coaching staff  of Team Ronda on TUF. Now, Andy is 31. He has a wife and child. His last fight was awarded by the team of Hye Fighters as the fighter of the month.

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