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How much money does Marlon Moraes Make?

29.10.2016 12:26 Philipp_Oganov

As we wrote earlier, the WSOF bantamweight champion Marlon Moraes has fought in the organization already since 2012, from the very begining. During this time he had fought 10 times, won all of them, scored 6 finishes, won the title and made 4 successful defenses. He scored victories over such athletes as Miguel Torres and twice defeated Josh Hill. And all this despite the fact that his camp is not full of the big names.

Recently his contract expired and he was faced with the most important question. What to do next? Most of the fighters would try theirselves on the free agent market for the sake of signing in the UFC. Marlon is in much more advantageous situation. For the UFC he is a coveted athlete, and problems with the signing likely will not be. Recent news in the MMA world are full of high-profile events associated with the confirmation and attempt to organize the big fights, the scandals of the top fighters and other Goodies. And even amid all this, Marlon was able to shock the world, making it clear that he was not even going to sign in the UFC. He did not spend a day in reflection, he just re-signed a contract with WSOF, and remained in the organization in contrast to his colleagues - Justin Gaethje, who said that when his contract expired, he immediately will go to UFC, because he wants to fight the best. And the case is again simple. The financial component. As one of the main stars of WSOF, Ray Sefo is doing everything possible to ensure their tops a good fee. But when signing in the UFC, God knows how to turn the thing. But here's the numbers. Marlon Moraes at WSOF gets more than T. J., Dillashaw during the championship in the UFC. Funny isn't it? WSOF, which in financial terms no one takes seriously, is able to maintain some of its Champions is much better than UFC. Under the old contract, Moraes received $180,000 in case of victory, and that's not including payments of sponsors. Recall that in the UFC sponsor and only one is Reebok, which pays not too much to their fighters. In WSOF same number of sponsors is unlimited. He recently signed a new, more enticing contract. Presumably, he will receive about a $250,000 in case of victory.

That's what Brazillian said about it:


“Many people still have that dream (of being in the UFC),” Moraes said. “But I think there are other ways to prove how good you are in other events. And man, the most important: you’re fighting for an event happily, and enjoying the respect the event gives to fighters, like I get from WSOF.Ray Sefo (WSOF President) was a fighter and he knows what a fighter’s life is like. It’s guys who I know will always be there. In other events, you’re constantly under pressure. I feel good, I fight well there, they’re always bringing opponents, always looking for challenges.”

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