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Chivichyan and Gracie Legacy in MMA World

31.10.2016 17:32 Philipp_Oganov

The art of Brazilian JIU-jitsu has become a kind of the root of MMA. Despite the fact that not always the representatives of this art successfully apply their knowledge in mixed martial arts, BJJ and grappling have become mandatory elements of training for all MMA fighters. Today we will tell you about two of the most popular branches of submission wrestling in the world of mixed martial arts.

Gracie JIU jitsu or Brazilian JIU-jitsu has eclipsed Japanese art, although it is only a part of JJ. Geniuses of submission wrestling– Helio and Carlos Gracie are the founders of Brazilian JIU-jitsu. The influence of the Gracie family was so great that later it became the establishment of a separate international organization of the Brazilian JIU-Jitsu. Numerous prestigious tournaments, focusing on the fighting on the ground, began to incorporate BJJ into their curriculum. In a professional environment such giants as NAGA, ADCC, Polaris and EBI hold competitions where the Champions are, as a rule, the representatives of the Brazilian JIU-jitsu. Royce Gracie proved the effectiveness of this art in. He struck the Western audience of the early and mid ' 90s, winning almost all the first Grand Prix of the UFC, using only the skills of Brazilian JIU-jitsu, finished all of his first 11 opponents. Since then, Brazilian JIU-jitsu forever entrenched in the arsenal of almost every MMA fighter.

Gokor Chivichyan doesn’t receive such world-wide fame in the world of grappling, however, every Western man who has a particular attitude towards MMA, knows his name and his contribution to the development of grappling. School Hayastan Academy took talents of the world of mixed martial arts such as Karo Parisyan, Ronda Rousey, Manvel Gamburyan, Oleg Taktarov, Anderson Silva, Tony Ferguson, Karen Darabedyan, Roman, Mitichyan, Sako Chivichyan and many others. Originally Gokor taught his students judo, but soon all of his skills in Sambo, wrestling and excellent knowledge of judo resulted in a single system of Hayastan Grappling or Armenian JIU-jitsu. And it's not just a fleeting expression. It is an independent part of grappling, which includes a huge variation in throwing techniques and skillful outputs on the locks and amplitude throws, which pretty, is not a typical for grappling. A huge number of clubs from different countries, including USA, Germany, Iran and Brazil invited Gokor for the seminars, where they absorbed all the knowledge of the Armenian Sensei. By the way, the police of the Islamic Republic of Iran included the Armenian JIU-jitsu in the curriculum of their police and special forces units. The result of all these labors was the establishment of the tournament on the basis of Armenian JIU-jitsu, which was called Hayastan Grappling Challenge. This system includes any types of subs, in addition, the extremely aggressive wrestling technique, including throws of Sambo, wrestling and judo. Also HGS has a unique system of judging throughout the bout. Fights are held in the GI and without them, and lasts three rounds. The duration of rounds depends on the age of the participants. The first round lasts from 3 to 6 minutes. The second round lasts 2 minutes. The third round has no time limit, so it lasts until the tap out of the opponent or disqualification. You can win by points only in the 2nd round. Moreover, points are given for throws, and the escape from position or sub and reversal. You can win in the first and third round only by finish. This unique system makes the participants to learn not only the intricacies of submissions, but wrestling aspects of the discipline, as they can bring victory to the athlete. The absence of time limits in round 3, encourages participants to focus on cardio training. In my opinion this discipline is an ideal base for mixed martial arts. Hundreds of athletes take part in this event in Los Angeles and New York. With proper promotion and a certain time HGS can create a very serious competition in the U.S. for other types of ground fighting.

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