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Does MMA ban in France only apply to the Amateur arena?

02.11.2016 17:24 Philipp_Oganov

Recently we received an information about the law which banned MMA in France. This news shocked not only the fans of MMA in France, but all fans around the world, after all, there are lots fighters in France from many nearby countries, including members from Armenia, the Arab countries, and Russia, who live and fight there.

However, despite this, there are still some announcements of French MMA pro tournaments, and they will take place in France. Apparently, this prohibition only applies to Amateur MMA. Even though it will cut the mixed martial arts right at the base, the situation is not quite dire. Currently, 100%FIGHT and La nuit Des Champions have already planned their events for 2017. We will remind that Hovik Zakarian will fight on the January Night of Champions, and Araik Margarian is the champion of the 100%FIGHT at Featherweight division.


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