Kryptonite for Bubba Jenkins

19.10.2016 17:00 Philipp_Oganov

28-year-old wrestler from Florida spent most of his career in Bellator, where he persisted for a long time in top positions of the featherweight division. During his professional career, Bubba has fought 14 times, and lost only 3 times.

Jenkins has a real championship ambitions and he has a lot of potential. Aggressive ,explosive, well-rounded fighter, who added to his record a couple of victoris over some great fighters. He has ideal height for a fighter of featherweight category. His Amateur career in wrestling could be the envy of many. He is twice champion of the first division of the NCAA in the lightweight category. He finished 70 percent of opponents. But why hasen't he fight for the title yet?

First defeat Bubba suffered in 2013. It was his second fight in Bellator, which was preceded by a 4-win streak. Since then every Jenkins' attempt to join the title race turns into a total collapse. The worst thing for Bubba is that the cause of all his subsequent losses is one and the same person.

Georgi Karakhanyan is very experienced featherweight fighter. Though his last two victories didn't elevate him to the heavens, but they definitely became a breakthrough in the fight career of Armenian.

For the first time Georgi and Bubba met each other in the octagon on  January 16th, 2015. Probably all negative relationships that happened between them could be called as usual professional formality. Trash-talk proceeded mainly from Bubba Jenkins, who opened  as the favourite of the fight. Jenkins was on 4-winning streak and victory over Karakhanyan was able to lead him to a title fight. It would seem that he has all power to neutralize the striking techniques and grappling of "Insane" on the basis of the few  last defeats Karakhanyan. The fight lasted a little bit longer then 1.5 minutes. Georgi Karakhanyan easily made an upset, he also scored one of the most brutal rear-naked chokes of  2015, cutting down Bubba . It was the first defeat by submission for Jenkins  and knocked the fighter out of the title race.

However, he did not waste time and tried to make another race for the belt. With a streak of 3 victories, Jenkins was given a chance to fight Karakhanyan once again. Life teaches nothing  and everything was going according to the old scenario. First, Jenkins claims that his loss to Karakhanyan was an accident, then convinces everyone in his punching power and promises to demolish Karakhanyan. A win over Karakhanyan wouldn't give him the tittle shot, but would allow him to join the race. Bubba reopens favorite. In addition, Georgi goes with the streak of two defeats. This time the fight lasted one minute and Bubba was again lying on the floor unconscious, but this time he fell down from the powerful counter-strike of Karakhanyan.

This time Jenkins will have to work harder then ever to get contendership ambitions again. Perhaps by this time Georgi will become a champion. We are only left to wonder how George will finish him in their possible third fight, unless of course Bubba hasn't caught radiation sickness.

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