Time bomb in Bellator

06.10.2016 18:07 Philipp_Oganov

Time bomb in Bellator.

In nearly 7 years of the existence the American promotion couldn't eliminate monopoly which was established by UFC, but Bellator could become No. 2 in the world, though the road from No. 2 to No. 1 is equal to a distance between the moon and Earth.

The freak fights with participation of children who already the have beaten off though attract public, but in themselves don't bear any gravity.
However there are two weight categories which could not only give the quite good competition of UFC, but also attract an interest to themselves of a considerable part of MMA of community.

The lightweight Bellator division could become the real fireworks, but after Alvarez's and Brooks's leaving even Benson won't be able to save the situation. And here a featherweight division - the real time bomb of this organization. Versatile, explosive and on the blossoming of forces. Karakhanyan, Weichel, Freire, Strauss, Curran, Warren, Jenkins - these guys will be able to give excellent battles to all semi-easy UFC division. Due highly technical duels, it's also possible to call it the most unpredictable one. Almost any top fighter in this weight has champion potential.

Organizers seldom stake on lightweights, in particular if there are no eminent veterans from UFC, but perhaps featherweight division is capable to become the first competitive full-fledged top division.

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