Armenian national combat sports as basic styles for MMA

29.10.2016 15:53 Philipp_Oganov

Fighters are doing Boxing, wrestling or Brazilian JIU-jitsu to prepare for mixed martial arts. But Armenians have their own national comabt sports. And striking style, and wrestling, and our own style of grappling. How good they are for MMA?

Kokh - Armenian wrestling , divided into Lori and Shirak Kokh.You can use throws with capture for clothes above the waist (also found style, which allowed the seizure of feet, hands), throws with your feet, jogging, hooks, etc. to win you must force the opponent totap out, without a fixed position. Most popular in Armenia was gained by Lori Koch.

In Shirak Kokh wrestlers are in trousers and naked torso. Fighting bare-chested is known in two main varieties:
a) the use of foot pegs, hooks and grabs legs with hands;
b) without the impact of feet on the opponent's feet without foot grips hands. The fight was conducted only in the front, for victory, as in the Lori Koch you need to force the opponent to touch the blades of the earth.

It just so turned out that we have a representative of the national wrestling in MMA. Martin Malkhasyan - the legend of Armenian MMA, the best heavyweight Armenian, MS wrestling, champion of world Cup in combat Sambo, the only representative of the national Armenian wrestling "Koch" in MMA. Martin fought since  the time MMA rules were not fully developed, and people came literally to destroy each other. Martin was the champion of M-1 MFC World Championship 1999, M-1 MFC-World Championship 2000, finalist of the M-1 MFC Heavyweight GP 2004. He finished 23 of his 25 opponents.

Armenian karate or Docando. Docando was found by Gor Vardanyan in United States. Docando derived from the English words CAN, and DO. Armenian karate is one of the most practical types of karate, combining elements of judo, Boxing, kickboxing and other karate styles. It is unknown if there are any MMA fighters from this style, but the Sarafian family in Brazil actively studied this form of martial arts, and two of them (Daniel and Guillermo) show very peculiar and interesting striking technique in MMA. Perhaps docando is influenced on them in any way. Daniel became the UFC fighter and TUF finalist show, Guillermo entered the TOP 100 of the world best lightweights outside the UFC.

Armenian JIU-jitsu, or Hayastan Grappling System. Upgraded form of the grappling by Gokor Civichyan, which is popularly just referred to as the Armenian JIU-jitsu. GOKOR is red-white belt in judo, black belt in BJJ, master of sports in wrestling, master of sports in Sambo and professional MMA fighter, coach. GOKOR has trained a lot of fighters performing in the UFC. He developed a system of grappling tournament, featuring a huge variety of throws and transfers to submissions that are not typical of traditional JIU-jitsu. The people called it Armenian JIU-jitsu. This system was used by a huge number of great fighters such as Karo Parisyan, Manvel Gamburyan, Ronda Rousey, Sako Chivichyan, Roman Mitichyan, Sevak Magakian, Oleg Taktarov, and many others.


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