Eduard Vartanyan talks motivation, Mousasi, doping-control and lots of other things

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One of the toughest European lightweights Eduard "Lionheart" Vartanyan (15-2) talked to the Hay Sport.
We remind you that Vartanyan will lead ACB 49, which will be held on November 26th in Rostov-na-Donu, Russia. His opponent is very talented Alexander Shabliy (15-2).

- What was up with your training camp in Dagestan, where are you training right now?
- It was excellent, got some new technical and tactical details for my plan, i'm preparing in the Fight CLub No. 1 and Bingo boom right now.

- It is known that after the New Year, ACB will make new doping control system, how do you think will it affect on the results of fighters of the promotion?
- I'm agree with that, moreover, i'm ready to be tested every week, that's what I've already said to ACB managment. I hope that all of them who's on drugs...will be caught.

- In this bout against Abdulvakhabov people thought that the physical condition of the opponent was clearly above yours? What was it like in reality?
- In a battle with Abdulvakhabov we didn't have time to show what's our physical condition was like, the fight ended quickly.

- Your next opponent Alexander Shabliy is now being prepared in the ATT in the US. Do you pay any attention to it?
- I know that he trains at ATT, but I care only about my training camp, not his.

- We know that both of David Khachatryan and you are signed in Bingo boom team , tell us a little bit about your relationship, how often do you do sparring ? Do you exchange your experience?
- I signed up recently, but I came along with David much earlier , we trained together and always try to help each other.

- UFC and UFC again....When the Armenians will have fourth fighter in the biggest promotion on the planet ? Were there any negotiating about your signing in the UFC roster ?
- I know nothing about the time period. Speaking for myself, I do everything to be there!

- Gegard Mousasi follows you on Instagram, did you know him personally ? By the way, have you watched his last fight against Belfort, and what impressions do you have after...
- No, we haven't met, although I watched all his fights. Gegard put on excellent performance. Very good performance, we've got one thing in common.... we perform much better under pressure.

- It is known that Armenians are very widely well known in MMA, but big promotions don't hurry with making some events in Armenia (in contrast to neighboring Republics). Frankly speaking, what is the reason?
- I do not know the real reasons... But ACB wanted to hold the tournament in Armenia. And strangely enough, the Armenian side was not interested in this.

- Do you feel the support from the fans, and does it make an additional motivation for you.
- Yes, definitely . Of course this is an additional incentive and motivation!

- Eduard, thank you for the interview, we wish you big victories, and only victories!
- Thank You!

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