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Grachya Bozinyan vs Abdul-Rakhman Dzhanaev on ACB 48

14.10.2016 12:33 root

Two middleweight prospects, Grachya Bozinyan (4-1) and Abdul-Rakhman Dzhanaev (5-1), will fight each other on ACB 48: Abdulvakhabov vs Bagov, that will be held in Moscow on October 22nd.

Grachya Bozinyan is a young prospect who will make his second ACB fight. He defeated Arslan Eslemesov in only 2 minutes in the first round during his ACB debut. And now he is determined to continue his winning streak. He finished all of his 4 opponents early, and most of them with submissions, so we can acknowledge his high-level grappling skills.

Abdul-Rakhman can already be considered as one of the ACB veterans, because he faced all of his 5 opponents in this league (4-1). He was defeated once in his bout against Shamil Abdulkhalikov, thus it was the end of his impressive winning streak of 4 fights.

Despite the fact that the records of the fighters are nearly the same, the advantage belongs to the more experienced Dzhanaev. However, Bozinyan is clearly not going to yield to the more experienced opponent – for him, it is a great opportunity to express himself and to become involved in the title race.

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