Ali Bagov - the man, who learns from the mistakes

07.10.2016 19:02 Philipp_Oganov

Ali Bagov - the man, who learns from the mistakes.

October 22nd will be the most important day in Bagov's professional career. That day he will try to become the new ACB World Lightweight champion and  demolish Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov. Most of MMA fans are not awared of the importance of that bout not only for Bagov, but for all lightweight division.

Baksan borned fighter goes with the streak of 8 consecutive wins over such classy fighters like Eduard Vartanyan, Renat Lyatifov, Thiago Meller and Kirill Sukhomlinov. The most remarkable thing is that his last loss in 2014 was caused by the same Chechen Abdulvakhabov in the final of the Grand-Prix Lighweight Tournament. And this is something that you should pay attention to.

Bagov's professional career got some really unique momnets. He has got almost 4 remathes in his career ( including title shot against Lion). He faced Kiril Sukhomlinov in 2010 and lost via TKO. 4 years later he revenged on Kirill and submitted him with rear-naked choke in the second round. In 2013 Bagov retired during the fight against Lyatifov and lost via TKO. In his last fight he demolished Renat with his first KO victory. In 2014 he pulled out of the fight against Eduard Vartanyan due to injury during The Professional Combat Sambo Championship. Vartanyan was tightly cut with the rear-naked choke in the final fo ACB Lightweight World Grand-Prix.

Now he is going to make a rematch against Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov. This is his 4th rematch, this is Title fight in one of the best European promotions and this is his main chance to prove that he is a man, who learns from the mistakes , and he is ready to punish every single fighter who doesn't respect his confidence. Probably that would be the most important motivation fro Ali.

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