Glory: Robin Van Rousmalen moved in featherweight division

11.10.2016 02:14 root

Former Glory lightweight champion Dutch puncher Robin van Roosmalen (47-15) will face current Featherweight champion Gabriel Varga (16-3)  in the title fight on October 21st .
Robin lost his belt in the bout against Sittichai of Thailand (112-30) in his last fight.  In addition, Robin van Roosmalen has already successfully debuted in MMA.
After a very controversial victory over Marat Grigorian (48-9) in Istanbul, Roosmalen took that belt in 2014 in the fight against Davit Kiria (26-12). He mad two successful defenses against Andy Ristie (47-5) and Sittichai. In 2016 Robin lost the belt in a close fight to the same Sittichai. It was the second defeat of Rosmalen in his title bouts in Glory. The first one happened in 2012, when Robin lost to the legendary Giorgio Petrosyan (84-2).

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