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Stanislav Cherchesov: Akinfeev does not care about his record in the Champions League. He ia number one in the country

31.10.2016 11:43 Hovakimyan

Russia coach Stanislav Cherchesov shared his opinion about the CSKA goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev’s ‘anti-record’ in the Champions League. 
- It beats all ‘anti-records’ in the Champions League, having conceded 40 games in a row. Just a disaster. 
- I do not agree. In my opinion, he is the number one in our country. I was at the match with the Monaco (1:1), in which Igor played great. 
Another thing is that these situations happen – at this level you don’t chase clean sheets, but rather points. It’s not a fact that I concentrate on. By the way, he also does not concentrate on it. 
I am direct in what I say. Instead of discussing such things, we can discuss: did he save or not, but bombarding the headlines with this – that should not be done. 
Besides, when Akinfeev is with the national team, we do not touch on these subjects. Thank God that I, to some extent, understand what it’s like to be a goalkeeper. So there are things that we do not even have to discuss. 
- Any advice you can give him? 
- To be healthy (smiles). Everything else – he knows. 
- Recently, he said that all those who speak about this are hecklers, losers. 
- If you ask directly after he conceded his fifth or his hundredth – it’s unpleasant. Give it some time. 
The next day, maybe he will answer the way you want him too. The ball doesn’t even reach the center of the pitch and you go on asking already. There is a time and place for everything. 
We communicate, and I would feel if he had worries or not. He’s doing fine. 
The last time we talked was during the Krasnodar gathering. He hurt his knee. It continues to ache till this day. And I think that we must take care of it properly – said Cherchesov.

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