Mutko is no longer Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation

19.10.2016 21:16 Hovakimyan

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev presented to Russian President Vladimir Putinvladimir Vitaly Mutko on a post of the Vice-Prime Minister, who will oversee issues of sport, tourism and youth policy. Putin has approved the candidacy of Mutko.
The head of government informed the President about the justification for the establishment of the post of Prime Minister responsible for sport, tourism and youth policy. He also presented a candidate for the post of Minister of sport - Vitaly Mutko.
Medvedev also proposed to appoint the Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov to the post of head of the Ministry. Putin agreed with Medvedev's proposals.
The Prime Minister instructed the government staff to prepare the appropriate documents for inclusion in the President's administration and their subsequent signing by the President

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