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Gazzayev: Critical of officiating

31.10.2016 01:59 Leonid_Poroshin


Former CSKA head coach Valery Gazzaev criticized the work of officiating crew in the CSKA-Spartak Moscow fixture (1-3) that took place in the 12th round of Russian Premier League.

“The work of judges left an unpleasant aftertaste.  A man who is currently an interim head of Russian officiating corps has made a serious error with his crew.  In an episode when the ball hit Kombarov’s hand, he should have pointed to the penalty spot.  Considering that the score at the moment was 1-0, that moment can be considered a decisive one, since CSKA would have evened up and the game-proceed in a different scenario.

I don’t understand the people who justify Nikolayev by the fact that he was far away when the episode took place.  His linesman was near, and must have seen that.  Spartak won the derby deservingly, the red-and-whites dominated the entire game, and the final score was just.  But I can't ignore more officiating mistakes, especially when they're committed by one of the most experienced officials we have.  It stands, then, that the changes in officiating corps have so far failed to yield positive changes,”-said Gazzaev.

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