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Roman Babayev: Knife in the back

25.10.2016 03:08 Leonid_Poroshin


General director of CSKA Moscow Roman Babayev offered support to the "army men" coach Leonid Slutsky, who was subjected to insulting banners hung up by some fans for a second match in a row.

"First of all, I must officially state: the banners in question and the associated position is supported by the absolute minority of CSKA fans. As far as I know, even the fan sector is sharply divided about this. Secondly, we consider such a form of address directed at the head coach of our club a priori unacceptable! And not only because it's unworthy and unethical, but also because it's unjust and undeserved.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised at such a banners directed at Slutsky, who won four golds and one silver medal in the last four seasons, from the fans of competing clubs, who haven't seen championship cups for years, if not decades. But from our own, it's a knife into the back, to our entire team! More than that, I talked to our players. They all took those actions personally.

Slutsky received many knocks from fate. Including, unfortunately, here at CSKA, not for the first time. I know Leonid Viktorovich-he treats this things with some degree of humor, even. In his collection, he has shirts where his face is crossed out. There were people who shouted "You must go!"-and then, later, praised him to the skies.

Of course we dissappointed by the recent results. But in this situation, we must be united. It's easy to root for the team that wuns all the time and takes all titles. But such support is worth double the price in difficult situations. It's necessary to CSKA now, especially when there are objective factors, which largely explain the lack of success in the last few weeks.

What is Slutsky's credit of trust? Please, name me a more successful Russian coach in the last 10 years? It's the easiest thing to find a scapegoat in this situation. CSKA is a whole, a family. In this case, blame lies on everyone. It's another thing when someone who knows football well sees our personnel problems and other difficulties...We will still fight on, with clenched teeth! To jump to extremes, to find someone to blame and publicly punish-that's not our method"--"Sport-Express" cited Babayev.

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