Frank De Boer: all I can do is work hard

24.10.2016 14:00 Hovakimyan

After losing to Atalanta (1:2) in the 9th round of the Serie A, Inter slipped to 14th place with 11 points to their name. 
The future of Dutch manager Frank de Boer at Inter is in question. As claimed in several Italian media reports, the head coach of the Nerazzurri may even be dismissed before the match against Torino. 
De Boer himself said: "All I can do is work hard. But I do not know whether I will be here on Wednesday. This is a difficult time for everyone, but for me - especially. I can only work. I feel the support of the club, but in the match against Atalanta I saw 2 different teams, we need to get better. " 
It is expected that, today, the Chinese owners of the club will put De Boer’s future at the club in discussion.

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