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Daniliants on Atletico match

18.10.2016 18:51 root

FC Rostov head coach Ivan Daniliants shared his expectations about the upcoming UEFA Champions League group stage match against Atletico Madrid, that will take place on Wednesday, October 19th, at Rostov-on-Don.

Barely two days ago we played against Spartak Moscow. So there was definitely not enough recuperation time. Rostov has never played at this pace before, and it's not easy for us. But I hope that our conditioning will allow us to play and fight. My guys are beyond repproach. They fought hard, and displayed much positivity. I think we can notch the Spartak game into the win column. It's hard to talk about tactics. Each game is unlike the other. Each match is different. As far as Atletico is concerned, that team maintains a high level of play in every match. Not one component is less important than the other. They all should combine to be on the highest level possible. In any case, Rostov's very participation in such a prestigious contest is a huge success in itself. Guys will have a chance to show themselves in a match against people whom they have emulated, or, at least, respected. And our fans-to watch some excellent football.

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