Alan Shearer on Mkhitaryan: it seems that Mourinho is simply in no need of Mkhitaryan

31.10.2016 15:06 Hovakimyan

Top scorer in the history of the English Premier League, Alan Shearer in an interview with the BBC shared his opinion about the situation surrounding Mkhitaryan. 
The Englishman was going through possibilities as to why the former BVB footballer is missing out on action with his new club. 
"It seems that Mourinho lacks honesty. He simply did not want Mkhitaryan, he was not part of his plans and he does not correspond to his tactical scheme. It is obvious that someone else has played a big part in the transfer of Mkhitaryan to Manchester. 
I do not rule out that Mkhitaryan himself could ask to be put on the transfer list. I remember the situation with Di Maria and Kagawa. However they at least got on the pitch sometimes,” - concluded Shearer.

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