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Gor Malakyan:We will do our best to please the fans

28.10.2016 22:34 Hovakimyan

Midfielder of the Armenian national team and Stal Kamianske Gor Malakian on the upcoming match with Montenegro, and the Cup of Ukraine.

- You have been removed from the field at the beginning of the match with Romania. Do you agree with the decision of the referee?
- It happened very quickly. The rules of football are the way that for a professional foul you get a red card and leave the field. The ball almost flew into our gate, I stood on the ribbon and instinctively reacted, trying to dislodge the ball. Don't complain about the actions of the referee, in that moment, I realized that the judge will show the red card .
- Whether the match with Montenegro is the last opportunity of the Armenian team to continue the fight for a place at the World Cup 2018 ?
- I can't tell if it's the last chance, or there will be others... But we must do everything to gain 3 points in this game.
- The last time the national team of Armenia won in Yerevan 3 years ago. Will be fans pleased on November 11th?
We will do our best to make our victory to bring real joy to the fans.
- In a Cup match you have been replaced on the 103rd minute. Was that linked with the upcoming replacement of a penalty shoot-out, or cardio problems?
- I think the coach felt my fatigue and decided to make a fresh player, hoping to win.

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