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Armenia - Montenegro: The Movsisyan goal count stopped at nine

02.11.2016 20:53 Hovakimyan

Qualifiers match Armenia vs. Montenegro is approaching with great strides. Only 9 days remain until gameday.
For Mr.Hovakimyan, the number "9" seems covered with cobwebs as it is the number of goals that one of Armenia’s top scorers, Yura Movsisyan’s has racked up over the years.
September 11, 2010 - Armenian fans breathed with relief. After his first 15 minutes in the national team jersey, Movsisyan had, once and fo rall, closed the case of choosing the national team he would represent (Armenia/US).
Less than a month after his debut, Movsisyan scored his first goal in the qualifiers match against Macedonia.
It was Movsisyan who would open the scoring with gushing joy from fans, when our men were up against the Macedonians, Slovaks, Danes, the Italians. It was him that had headed our team into those historic battles.
Throughout the years, the Gyumri-man’s lion-hearted performances for the national team made him become fan favorite and a cult hero.
Fans love Movsisyan for his character - gladiatorial, warrior-like, tyrannical attacker that swept everything in his path. The Yurminator never missed out on a bust-up with the opponent, he stood like a big rock next to his teammates, embodying the spirit and the audacity of our glorious team.
After the defeat in the final Euro 2016 Qualifiers match with Albania (0:3), Football Federation President Ruben Hayrapetyan blamed a number of players for the loss, including Movsisyan. The Yurminator’s place in the national team was crossed off. Since then, Yura has returned to the States, and feels great with his family in his native Real Salt Lake.
According to some reports, the newly appointed coach of Armenia, Artur Petrosyan, is keen on returning Movsisyan to the team.
However, it’s not so simple, Movsisyan has put forward an ultimatum - while Hayrapetyan is at the helm of the FFA, he will not return to the national team. Given the recent statement by the President of the Federation "Artur Petrosyan will be given freedom in choosing the players. Not to be invited are players who, I believe, had violated discipline and harmed the national team. For example, Yura Movsisyan and Robert Arzumanyan. It is my right, I will not permit them being invited to the team.” The emergence of Yura on the team seems hardly possible in the near future...

Guess the score of the match, Armenia - Montenegro and win a prize!

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