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Legends of Armenia. Part I

20.10.2016 21:11 root

That’s not a secret that Armenia presented the World lots of famous athletes. When Glory reporters asked last Its Show Time Middleweight champion Sahak Parparyan why do you have so many sportsmen in combat sports, Sahak replied:

Since the antiquity Armenia was located at the crossroads of East and West. We are the first Christian land. Countries around us always wanted to bite off a piece of our Land. History has shown that many of our enemies are gone. Any Armenian, if he want to be a fighter, he can do it. It's in our genes

Today we are launching a series of articles dedicated to the four of Armenian athletes who reached the sky and forever inscribed their names in the history of sport.

Part 1. Legandar boxer. "Raging Bull".

Vic was born in Armenia, in the beautiful city of Vanadzor.
His professional career as a boxer Darchinyan began in 2000 in Australia.
Having a perfect record of 21-0, Vic won his first World title. December 16th, 2004 Darchinyan fought for the first time in the United States, knocked out Colombian Irene Pacheco and won the World IBF flyweight title.

In the next fight, Darchinyan knocked out the representative of South Africa Mzukisi Sicali, therefore, he made his first IBF world title defense, but also won the IBO world title. After this fight Vic spent five successful defenses of these belts. In 4 of 5 defenses Darchinyan knocked out every single opponent.

Many experts noted that this spectacular Armenian boxer has drew attention to that weight, because historically such lightweight boxers don’t have knockout power, which was inherent in "Raging Bull".

July 7, 2007 Vic Darchinyan suffered a heavy defeat against Filipino Nonito Donaire and lost the title of World Champion IBF and IBO. It is noteworthy that in one of his defenses Vick defeated Nonito's brother, Glen Donaire.

After the first defeat in his career, Vic didn’t lose his heart and knocked out another Filipino Federico Catubay, regaining the World IBO title belt, but in the second Flyweight division.

August 2, 2008 Vic Darchinyan united again IBO and IBF world titles by knocking out the last owner, Russian Dmitry Kirillov.

And three months later on November 1st, 2008, Darchinyan put his name in Golden letters in the history of Boxing. California evening, which was full of red, blue and orange flowers on one side and red, white, and green on the other, Vick knocked out, as you may have guessed, Mexican Cristian Mijares and took the last World WBC and WBA title. Thus, the Armenian boxer became the undisputed World Champion by unifying the belts of WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO.

Vic’s career has developed a rather ambiguous, largely because of his character. He didn’t like tactical battles. "Raging bull" was always looking for a knockout. "Kill or be killed". One thing is clear - the name of Vic Darchinyan will remain forever in the history of Boxing. 


To be continued......


Tash Ovsepyan, HaySport

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