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Aik Shakhnazaryan: I hope Troyanovsky will give me one more fight

25.10.2016 18:04 root

One of the most promising prospects, super lightweight boxer Hayk Shakhnazaryan (19-2) told Hay Sport about his future plans and his last fight.

I'm happy that I was able to finish the fight early, completing my main goal.
Feels like I found myself as a boxer. Going to continue to develop, moving to a newer level.
Regarding a rematch with Troyanovsky-of course I'm waiting for this fight!   I hope he'll give me one more fight.
Of course I would love to box in the United States, it's not a secret that professional boxing is concentrated there.  My motivation is to box in the States, that's my main goal.  I can say that it is in my close future.

Recall that Hayk Shakhnazaryan forced to capitulate the Argentine prospect Javier Clavero (19-2) in the 8th round in his last fight on October 10th, in Moscow. Thus, the Armenian boxer won WBC International Silver Super lightweight belt.

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